Buttons Cloth Diapers generously sent me two newborn covers and three small microfiber inserts in exchange for an honest review on my blog! I received the “all-in-two” diapers when my little guy was one week old and have been using them since that day. I’m excited to share how they worked for us!

First Impressions

When the package arrived in the mail, I could hardly wait to open it! I was surprised to find the products inside of the shipping envelope carefully wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow. Upon unwrapping the fluff present, I was instantly very impressed by the quality of their products! The newborn covers were extremely well made and featured two layers of soft PUL with strong snaps.

I was so excited about the classic colors of navy blue and grey they sent me for my baby boy! There were so many T-shirts in my little one’s closet that would look darling paired with the crisp colors. Just when I thought these covers couldn’t be any cuter, I noticed a little embroidered button on the back of each one; white on the navy blue one and red on the grey one. That touch brought these diapers to a whole new level of adorable-ness!

Back of Dipaer

The microfiber inserts were all a consistent contoured shape and were stitched neatly around the edge with bright green thread. They were thick without being bulky and had an incredibly soft stay dry layer on the top. The two snaps on the bottom lined up perfectly and connected easily with the corresponding ones on the inside of the cover. I was so excited to try out this “all-in-two” system!


How they Work

When I received the package from Buttons, I was a new mom to a one week old boy. We began cloth diapering him on the day we came home from the hospital using covers and flats. The routine we had down was working well, but we were so excited to try something different.

The first time we used the Buttons “all-in-two” system, my husband and I were instantly amazed at convenience, simplicity, and practicality of it! The inserts snapped into the cover with no problem and the cover snapped onto our newborn baby with even more ease. When it was time for diaper changes, the insert snapped out easily and poopy messes sprayed off very well. We especially loved that if the cover wasn’t soiled, it could be wiped out and re-used!

Insert in Cover

These covers and inserts are perfect for any newborn stash, but are especially great for those already using flats or prefolds. When all of our inserts were dirty and we were using flats, we found ourselves primarily reaching for Buttons newborn covers! In addition, this system was an absolute breath of fresh air as sleep deprived parents of a newborn. Changing flats multiple times in the middle of the night was totally do-able, however having the covers and inserts was just so easy! My husband always did the night diaper changes and he was always disappointed when the inserts were dirty. It was just so great to have a one-step, quick change that he could pretty much do in his sleep. Plus, as long as they weren’t dirty in the morning, we’d have covers to use over our flats, as well!

Sizing and Fit

My son was six pounds and ten ounces when he was born and at one week old (when we received the Buttons diapers), he weighed in at about seven and a half pounds. These diapers fit perfectly from the day they came in the mail and I have no doubt that they would have fit the day he was born, as well.

This diaper is designed perfectly to avoid the umbilical stump in the early days. The elastic in the front gently dips down so that it doesn’t come near it. I loved that design versus the snap down system that I have seen in other diapers. It also isn’t too low when your baby looses the umbilical stump. The fit is perfect in both stages!

In addition to the front elastic, there is also strong elastic in the back of the diaper and around the legs and double gussets. It is snug without being too tight in all of the areas. Paired with the two rows of waist snaps and a 2 by 3 rise system, getting the right fit was simple! As our son grew, it worked best to have the top snap tighter for his waist and the bottom snap looser for his legs.

The inserts are generously sized and fit in the cover perfectly on all of the rise settings. Bonus: the Buttons newborn cover with the insert is also very trim under clothing!

Buttons newborn covers are listed to fit babies 7-12 pounds. For my son, Buttons newborn size diaper covers fit him all the way to 15 pounds! It was so nice to have a newborn diaper that we could use comfortably on him from birth to four months.

Fit Comparison

Cover Measurements

  • Waist range: 9-14 inches
  • Crotch width: 5.5 inches

Waist and Crotch Measurements

Smallest Rise Snap Setting

  • Front rise: 4 inches
  • Back rise: 5 inches


Medium Rise Snap Setting

  • Front rise: 5 inches
  • Back rise: 5.5 inches


Largest Rise Snap Setting

  • Front rise: 6 inches
  • Back rise: 6 inches


Insert Measurements

  • Length: 11.5 inches
  • Width of middle: 4.5 inches
  • Width of ends: 5 inches

Insert Measurements



Two words: double gussets. I LIVE by the power of double gussets and the Buttons ones are amazing. Trust me when I say that these diapers hold up to all of those big newborn messes! We never experienced a leak, even on the rare occasion when the insert didn’t catch all of the poop. The strong elastics and double layer of PUL are a winning combination!

Double Gussets

The four layer microfiber inserts are absolutely amazing, as well. The top layer that touches the baby’s skin is a super soft stay-dry fleece. Seriously, I could not get over the soft-ness! It felt like I was diapering my baby with a cloud! The snaps on both ends make it so they don’t move around or bunch up at all, which also adds to the comfort for the baby. In terms of absorbency, these inserts are awesome. I could count on them to easily last 3-4 hours without an issue!


To be honest, both the covers and inserts look the same as the day they came in the mail! The covers and inserts wash amazingly and dry quickly in the dryer or outside on a clothesline. The elastics on the covers have remained perfectly springy and the PUL is still stretchy and smooth. The inserts stay incredibly soft even after washing them!  Everything about them has impressively held up to their use!

Diaper Inner

Price Point

One of the best things about the Buttons newborn covers is that you are getting high quality items for an extremely affordable price point. The newborn covers cost $11.00 each for solid colors and $12.50 for prints. A 3-pack of small microfiber daytime inserts is $10.50.

For an entire newborn stash of  6-3 packs of inserts and 5 covers would only cost $118! That would be a generous amount of quality diapers that will easily fit for three to four months! It’s such a great deal!

Buttons cloth diapers are sold online and at select retail locations across the USA! Check out their website to shop for all of their great products!

Final Thoughts

Here’s a quick summary of why Buttons newborn covers and inserts are so amazing:

  • Absolutely adorable!
  • Incredibly easy to use.
  • Covers can be re-used a few times without washing.
  • Covers can be used over flats and pre-folds, too, making them very versatile!
  • Sizing allows growth from tiny newborn to four month old baby!
  • Elastic in the front dips down to avoid umbilical stump in the early days.
  • Leg and waist elastic is snug, but not too tight.
  • Double gussets and two layers of PUL hold in all messes with no leaks!
  • Inserts are super soft and amazingly absorbent.
  • Both the covers and inserts hold up well to use and washing.
  • Very affordable!

I honestly can’t say enough good things about these diapers! It was so great to have a cloth diaper that fit from the time our son was a tiny newborn all the way to a 15 pound four month old! I am looking forward to purchasing more Buttons products in the future, including some one-size covers in their irresistible prints!

Bonus: 100% Muslin Burp Cloth Bib Combo

Buttons also sent me their 100% Muslin Burp Cloth Bib Combo “just for fun,” but they are too amazing not to mention in this post! First of all, they are absolutely adorable! The blue “XOXO” print is too cute and the stripes are so classy! In the early days, these were my go-to burp cloths. I loved their contoured shape so  that they could rest comfortably on my shoulder. Their generous size was also a major plus!  I was also impressed by their thickness, absorbency, and softness. They could handle even the biggest of spit up messes and were so gentle on my baby’s newborn skin when I was cleaning him up.

Burp Cloths

When we recently started solids, I immediately grabbed one to use for his first time eating sweet potatoes! After months of loving them as burp cloths, I couldn’t wait to try one out as a bib. I didn’t think it was possible, but I fell even more in love with this product! They give great coverage for messy feeding time. Unlike your average bib, this one offers complete coverage that extends over the shoulders. It keeps all of the clothes underneath clean and dry!

Buttons sells these in packages of two on their website for $17.00 and they are absolutely worth every penny. Trust me!

Bib to Burp Cloth

As a final note, I would like to send a HUGE thank you to Buttons Cloth Diapers for sending me their amazing products to review! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my positive experience with others!

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