Re-Upholstering Project

When we decided on a Hudson Bay theme for the baby’s room, one of the things I wanted was a Hudson Bay themed stool! My mom gave me a Hudson Bay blanket that had been through the wash once or twice, making it perfect to use for a re-upholstering project! It was hanging on the side of the crib for a long time while I searched for the perfect stool to use. Finally, I found one in my grandma’s booth at an antique mall and she gave it to me! I was so excited!

Starting the Project:

Below is a photo of the stool before its makeover. The base was perfect as-is! It just needed a new seat to match the room!

Stool Before

The first step was to remove the seat. This was the easy part! It was screwed onto the base through the bottom.

Removing Seat

Next, the fabric needed to go! A flathead screwdriver was the perfect tool to remove the nails that held it on. Some of them came out easily and some took some elbow grease! As it turns out, there were two layers of fabric nailed onto the seat. After the first layer was off, it was time for round two!

Removing Fabric

Once the seat was bare, I ventured into the basement for an old chair that I had been saving for the foam! We no longer needed the chair, but instead of getting rid of it, I decided to keep it for a projects! Foam is expensive and I always like to re-purpose things!

Adding a New Seat:

Next, a knife was used to carve out a piece of foam around the board for a the seat. Scissors also came in handy to shape the corners!

Cutting Foam

Giving it the Hudson Bay Touch:

Now for the most exciting part! The materials were layered on the floor in the following order:

  • Hudson Bay Blanket
  • Quilt batting (for cushioning the corners)
  • Foam (centered on the stripes of the blanket)
  • Wood seat base

Next, it was time to staple! Two sets of hands worked best for this part. I sat on the middle of the base to compress the foam and pull the fabric tight, while my husband stapled it Once all of the staples are in, the excess fabric was cut away! Then, the seat was screwed back onto the base. Super easy!

Stapling and Trimming

Here’s what I learned:

  • Sitting on the seat while we stapled really helped make the wrap tight!
  • For the corners, what looks best on the bottom, doesn’t necessarily look the greatest on the flip side. Bunching it around the corners is what gave the cleanest look on top, which is what really matters! No one looks at the bottom anyway.
  • Always have extra staples! We ran out with one corner left. Luckily, my husband found a stash in the garage.
  • You may need longer screws if you use thicker fabric. Have those handy, as well.

Final Product:

Voila, the perfect classy addition to our sweet baby boy’s nursery! Plus, I even have half of the Hudson Bay blanket left to use for another craft!

Final Product



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