Our Son is Here!

Our baby boy, Odin Theodore, has finally arrived and after a four month break, I’m finally back to blogging! I thought a post about his nursery would be a great way to kick off my weekly posts as a mommy! I had such a great time decorating our son’s room and love how it turned out! My inspiration came from a traditional Hudson Bay blanket with the iconic green, red, yellow, and black stripes. I loved the idea of veering away from baby pastels and using bright primary colors. Since the Hudson Bay point blankets have such a rich history that dates back to the late 1700s in the North American fur trade, I made sure to give it a slightly rustic feel, as well! Since we live in a small house, the nursery also had to serve additional purposes. The closet needed to hold my husband’s clothes, as well and I needed a spot for my sewing machine! I put a lot of thought into the layout and did many DIY projects to seamlessly tie everything together.

A Tour of the Room

Upon entering the nursery, you’ll be instantly greeted by the bright green walls. Finding the perfect shade took days of weeding through cards of paint colors and taping them to the around the room. Before making the commitment, we knew a paint sample was a necessary step. We wanted to make sure a lively color was the right route! It turned out to be absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. It’s bold and vibrant without being “too much.”

To the right is our son’s dresser with a changing table and hutch! We searched high and low for a functional piece with maximum storage capacity. Eventually, we found this one on Craigslist and drove an hour through a snowstorm to pick it up! It’s perfect because it has all the benefits of shelving from the hutch and we didn’t need to drill into the walls of our rental. I’s also great because of the dedicated spot for a changing pad, eliminating the need for an additional piece of furniture. We think it will definitely grow with him!

You may also notice a medical skeleton with a tie and Spartan hat. His name is Bucky and he has been in my life since my thirteenth birthday! He was one of the best presents that I ever received! Bucky traveled with me to my college dorm, first apartment, first house, and is now nestled in our son’s nursery! It may seem like a strange addition, but for us, he fits right in! Both my husband and I love science and have our degrees in the biological field. We hope to instill that love into our son, as well!


On the wall across from the dresser, you will find a white cube organizer with green fabric drawers from Ikea. The open cubbies are perfect for books and toys. The green drawers hold cloth diapers and blankets, for now. This piece really helped me feel more organized!


Since we only have two small bedrooms, it was also important that this space also served more than one purpose.┬áSo, I needed to find a way to incorporate my sewing machine without it looking out of place. That way, I could have a dedicated place to work on projects! I decided to place it in the corner by the closet. To make sure it blended in with the room, I made a Hudson Bay inspired sewing machine cover using a solid piece of old blanket and ribbon. It sits on a table I found on Craigslist that folds out if I need a larger work surface. The chair had been sitting in our basement waiting for a makeover. All it took was a can of red spray paint, and it was ready for its new home in our baby’s room.


I used the striped portion from the same old Hudson Bay blanket that was used for the machine cover, to make a small back pillow for the chair. I even used another striped piece of that blanket in an embroidery hoop for a wall decoration. Every piece of iy was re-purposed in the room! I scored the arrows on either side of the hoop at Hobby Lobby for 40% off! They were too perfect to pass up!

Sewing Desk

Sewing Wall

On the other side of the Ikea organizer is a stool that I re-upholstered with the same Hudson Bay blanket from the sewing corner. I wrote a whole post dedicated to that project! The crib is next to it, and was also a Craigslist deal! Since we originally were using this room for guests, it housed a cute trundle bed. When we started to put the nursery together, we listed it on Craigslist and received a call right away. They came to look at it the same day, and as it turned out, they were trying to get rid of a crib! So, we were ale to work out a trade and everyone was happy. It looks perfect with the Hudson Bay quilt I made draped over the side.


Above the crib, you will find a handmade (by me) mobile with felt cats and yarn balls in the Hudson Bay stripe colors. The “art” on the wall was also made by me to coordinate with the overall theme of the room. At the end of the crib is a small shelf that my grandpa made for me when I was a child. I painted it with the Hudson Bay stripes, of course, and added the Dave Matthews Band fire dancer symbol for a touch of necessary DMB flair! It holds all of his toys and little stuffed animals, for now!


For the finishing touches, we re-purposed an oar from a garage sale to put above the window by the crib. I painted it white and added stripes with a compass in the middle. My husband was in charge of mounting it to the wall and I absolutely love how it looks hanging from the jute cord. I also customized some smocked sheer curtains that we already had in the room. They needed to match, too! Sewing coordinating ribbon on them was the quickest project for the nursery!


Oar Close Up

Sometime before the nursery was complete, my husband banned me from buying, painting, or sewing Hudson Bay stripes on anything. That is when I started to improvise and just use the colors (i.e. oar, and pictures above the crib). If it weren’t for him, I probably would have left nothing “un-striped” and it would have been way overdone. Honestly, we might be right on that edge, but I am very proud of how it turned out. We chose a theme that we couldn’t easily buy things for, so we got creative and added our own personal touches everywhere. It’s my absolute favorite room in the house and I hope Odin can make many memories in it!

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