Names for Boys

Baby names are so much fun until you need to actually name a tiny human! At that point they take on a whole new meaning and you start to look at each one with a new perspective. One of the main qualities in a name that many parents look at is its unique-ness. If it is important for your baby boy’s name to stand out, then the following A-Z list is for you! It features names for parents who are ready to make a bold naming choice. None of these names appear in the US top 1,000 most popular names, so it is very unlikely that your bundle of joy will have to share his name with others in school one day!

A-Z Boy Names NOT in the Top 1,000

A: Alder

B: Benedict

C: Claude

D: Dex

E: Euell, Elbridge

F: Filmore

G: Grover

H: Hubert

I: Ignatius, Indigo

J: Jules

K: Kato, Keir

L: Lynford

M: Macsen, Maxfield

N: Newan

O: Orin

P: Percival, Portland

Q: Quixley

R: Rupert, Rockwell, Reeve

S: Sayer

T: Tennyson

U: Ulric

V: Valor, Vercip

W: Wendell

X: Xenos

Y: York

Z: Zale, Zadok

Hope these names helped spark your inspiration as you search for the perfect name for your baby boy! Be sure to watch for a future post of A-Z girl names that do not appear in the top 1,000!


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