Third Trimester Essentials

You’ve made it to the third trimester! These last few months are certain to feel a lot different than the previous trimesters. You will start to feel more uncomfortable as baby grows and your belly expands, seemingly by the second. I’ve compiled a list of items to help you feel more comfortable during this final stretch! My first baby is due in two weeks and I wouldn’t have been able to get by without any of these items!

#1 – Multiple Re-Fillable Water Bottles

It is so important to stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy, but drinking lots of water really helps with swelling in your last trimester. Purchase a couple of  large water bottles, like these 32 oz Rubbermaid ones from Target. Keep one with you at all times and one filled up in the fridge! When you finish a bottle, fill it up and switch it out for the cold one!

Water Bottles

#2 – Protein Bars

During the last few months, you’ll probably feel super hungry, but also pressed for space in your belly since it is being occupied by a baby! Protein bars are a good snack to help you feel full without eating a lot. It’s still important that you eat healthy and balanced meals, but they are great for in-between! Power Bar Triple Threat Caramel Nut Brownie bars are super tasty and loaded with protein! Plus, they do a great job at satisfying your sweet tooth.

Protein Bars

#3 – L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks are great to combat breakouts throughout your pregnancy, but they are especially nice when you want to relax during your third trimester. Picture yourself unwinding on the couch with your feet up, letting your face soak in the benefits of a quality clay mask. Choose from Exfoliate and Refine, Purify and Mattify, Detox and Brighten, or buy all three! They each do exactly what their purpose states and will give you glowing, healthy looking skin! Plus, they smell amazing and are a great value!

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

#4 – Comfy Maternity Leggings

You will come to a point in your third trimester where the maternity jeans that were so comfortable in the beginning are now your worst enemy. Enter your new best friend: big, stretchy maternity leggings that go so far over your belly, they are almost in your armpits. Buy at least two pairs so that you can wear one while the other is in the washing machine. These a:glow leggings from Kohls or these Great Expectations leggings from Walmart will make you feel free again, especially if you get them in a size bigger than your usual pant size!


#5 – Slip on Shoes

By now you have probably noticed that bending over to put on shoes is not the easiest part of your day. Make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes that slip on with ease! My mom scored me this pair of Sperry Top Siders at a garage sale and they are the only shoes I have been wearing! These boat shoes from JCPenny’s are also a cute, comfy, and affordable option. There are even a few different styles to choose from!


#6 – Loose Fitting Tops

By the third trimester, you’ll want to ditch the fitted tops with gathered elastic on the sides for loose, comfy shirts to give your growing belling some breathing room! For some reason, shirts like that are hard to find in the maternity section. Almost everything is tight fitting around your belly! Target has some great non-maternity options that will fit your final trimester needs. Their Knox Rose collection has so many great flowing shirts and dresses that leave lots of room for your belly if you get the next size up! They will make you feel both comfortable and stylish. Plus, you’ll be able to wear them post-baby as well! I actually wore this bell sleeve border print dress to my baby shower. It’s so cute! I also love this cold shoulder long sleeve dress. I guarantee you’ll live in these shirts now and once your baby is here! If you’re looking for a comfy t-shirt to wear with leggings, try out this Mossimo center seam t-shirt from Target in the next size up. It’s my favorite t-shirt and will be great for after the baby is born, too!


#7 – Maternity Over the Belly Underwear

You may have been able to make your pre-pregnancy underwear work up until this point, but by now you’re probably fighting with them all day trying to keep them from falling down! Don’t be scared away by the unattractive look of these Great Expectations over the belly underwear from Walmart. You’ll be so glad you purchased them to get you through the last few months! Plus, you can’t go wrong with the price.


#8 – Tums

Heartburn seems to reach a whole new level during the third trimester! It is definitely a MUST to stock up on Tums. Keep some in your medicine cabinet, purse, by your bedside, and anywhere else for easy access!


#9 – Leachco Sleeper Keeper Body Pillow

Honestly, the Leachco Sleeper Keeper Body Pillow is an essential for your entire pregnancy, but you will especially appreciate it during your third trimester! It does such a good job of supporting your back and belly, making sleeping much more comfortable!

 Body Pillow

#10 – Swiffer Wet and Dry Cleaner

Gone are the days of scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floors on your hands and knees! Trust me when I say that it will result in some pretty bad back pain (I learned that the hard way). Go out and purchase a Swiffer as soon as you can! It will keep your floors clean until you can get back to scrubbing again.


I hope these products will help you through the last few months of your pregnancy! Is there anything else you would deem as essential for the third trimester? Let me know!

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